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    Mutations, les métiers d'art de 1930 à aujourd'hui

Group show at Musée d'Amérique frrancophone, Quebec City


Solo show at Galerie du Parc, 864, rue des Ursulines, Trois-Rivières,   Febuary 18  - March 25  2018


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Drawings on fabric

The first step in making these pieces consists of introducing a temporal dimension to the fabric support.  I use various printing techniques and organic dyes.  The process requires many days or weeks.  The resulting prints serve as a launching point for the composition of the drawing, which will take form with the help of machine sewing, embroidery and appliqués.  Carriers of memory, these drawings express a form of nostalgia or melancholy associated with the feeling of finitude of life.

Consult the complete art work Inventory-Drawings-on-fabric.pdf.

Esprit no 1, 200$
Rust imprint on cotton fabric, machine sewing, appliqué with buttons. 29,5 X 15 cm, unframed.

Esprit no 2, 200$
Rust imprint on cotton fabric, machine sewing, appliqué with buttons. 29 X 14 cm, unframed.

Bonheurs, 250$
Rust imprint on silk fabric, machine sewing, appliqué with buttons and label. 39,5 X 18 cm, unframed.

Ange, 225 $
Rust imprint on silk fabric, machine sewing. 26 X 20,5, unframed.

Robe souvenirs rouge et vert, 240$
Rust imprint on cotton fabric, silk, machine sewing, needle felting of merino wool, acrylic thread, acrylic paint. 28 X 23, 4 X 3 cm framed.

Robe souvenirs dans le ciel, 240$
Rust imprint on linen fabric, cotton, machine sewing, machine embroidery, water color. 28 X 23 cm, framed.

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